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Welcome to Lorie Hansen Studio! I am blissfully grateful to offer a calm, relaxing sanctuary for my clients, not to mention being grateful for the overwhelming positivity my clients have shared and explored with me. When freedom meets experience and passion, one is truly capable of their finest work. I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation to ensure you receive the best hair color for your skin tone and lifestyle. I love what I do – and it shows! Please continue to enjoy $20 off your service for every friend you refer. Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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Lorie Shares Her Expertise

Discovering your first gray hair is a moment that many of us will never forget. Yet, once we adjust, life goes on. After all, it is just one, lonely gray strand. Flash forward a few months and you discover that there is more cropping up – seemingly – everywhere! Now we have a dilemma. Covering gray […]

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It must be in the female DNA to forge a strong opinion about our hair. Unless your daughter’s hair is ideal, she will grow up to wrestle, object or criticize her God-given locks. My daughter is only 10, but she already handles her hair like a seasoned pro. Yet how much should it matter to us – as […]

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2011! Embarking on a new year can make everyone feel like making some positive changes. That makes it an ideal time to take inventory of our personal style and ask ourselves if we could use an update.

Hairstyles are triggered by the look and feel of fashion, which is – in turn – created by the mood of the times and our culture. Hair color comes in to finish the trifecta.

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While recently viewing the popular movie “Taken” with Liam Neeson, I was driven to the point of distraction by his clumsy, unflattering hair color. The attempt to have Liam appear younger – unfortunately – backfired when the color chosen was too dark and didn’t blend gracefully.

It also illustrated why special care must be given to coloring men’s hair and why men can be so gun shy about the whole process.

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